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Company History
Hard Work Overcomes Hard Times.

Originally operating a residential construction business in Rockdale, Texas, Miller and Kathie Bassler investigated other opportunities following a decline in the building industry. Miller’s early interest in the oil and gas business had been sparked thanks to Kathie’s roots in Morgan City, Louisiana. Intrigued with the business, Miller talked with scores of people and asked many questions. When an oil boom reached their backyard in the Austin Chalk, Miller answered the calling. His observations revealed that all the wells were changing to pump jacks that had to be positioned on concrete base foundations. Since he knew how to build home foundations, Miller decided he could build pump jack bases. He hired a man knowledgeable in erecting pumping units, bought a pole truck on credit at the bank, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Company Timeline
> 1982 – Miller and Kathie Bassler form sole proprietorship, Bassler Base and Pumping Unit Services.
> 1987 – The Basslers sell their office and yard in Rockdale and move to current location in Deanville, Texas.
> 1988 – The company incorporates and changes its name to Bassler Base and Services, Inc. to reflect the diversification of its service offerings.
> 1990-91 – Crude prices rise and additional offices are opened in Dilley, Texas and Brookeland, Texas.
> 1995 – Crude prices drop and Brookeland office closes.
> 1998 – Oil crash forces closure of Dilley office.
> 2000+ – Crude prices rebound, spurring a period of growth and prosperity.
> 2005 – Using a DBA, company changes name to Bassler Energy Services.
> 2006 – Blade Bassler joins company in Deanville office.
> 2007 – Blade Bassler moves to Fort Worth and opens Barnett Shale office.
> 2010 – Haynesville Shale/Grand Cane, Louisiana office opens.
> 2011 – Eagle Ford Shale office opens in Dilley